Scholl Orthaheel Reduces Pain

Orthopedic shoes used to conjure up images of clunky, black or white, lace up styles that went with nothing and removed all possibility of stylishness. For years now, Scholls has been reversing that particular stereotype; offering stylish shoes that keep your feet supported. Now Scholl’s offers Scholl Orthaheel technology, the next step in pain free footwear that you can wear all day.

The Scholl Orthaheel is a podiatrist designed insole, developed to reduce the effects of overpronation. Normal pronation occurs when you are standing and your foot rolls inward, and your arch flattens. When someone overpronates, their foot rolls too far inward, increasing stress on the tendons and ligaments in the foot and lower leg. Over time, this stress can cause injury and pain. Scholl Orthaheel builds four degrees of correction into the insole of your shoe, keeping your feet comfortable, and reducing the chances of injury from over pronation. Scholl OrthaheelĀ

Scholl Orthaheel technology is available both in a removable insert and fully integrated into Scholl’s brand shoes. Scholl’s impressive range of shoes and sandals for men and women are the best option for people who want shoes that start out properly supporting their feet.

For people who want to add support to their existing shoes, Scholls offers a variety of inserts with Scholl Orthaheel technology. Choosing the right Scholl Orthaheel insert depends largely on your level of activity.

Scholl Orthaheel sports inserts are great for runners. They are reinforced for extra rear foot stability, and shock absorption. These inserts will fit into most brands of athletic shoes.

The Scholl Orthaheel Slimfit Dress insole will slip invisibly into almost any shoe, including high heels, and sandals. This insert is three quarter length, making it a discreet option for keeping feet comfortable.

Whatever the delivery method, Scholls Orthaheel technology will correct the effects of over pronation and reduce pain within thirty days.