Variety of Promo Air Fresheners

It used to be that Promo Air Fresheners came in two forms, a spray or a piece of cardboard you could hang in your automobile. With the rapid development of technology and science, there are a variety of different types available today in addition to these classic types. Business owners or entrepreneurs can get their hands on a substantial amount of promotional products for a great price online.

Promo Air Fresheners have been around since 1948 where they were first used as a military project for releasing insecticides into the air. Eventually, the military created a spray form that was used to have a mist in the air for a long period of time. The government deemed the spray form wasn’t as environmentally friendly as a candle or liquid form.

The popular Branded Air Fresheners that are made for automobiles are in the form of a little tree. They were modeled after the famous evergreen tree. Drivers usually hang these from their rear-view mirror because it’s the most effective way of releasing the fragrance throughout the entire vehicle. They were invented in 1952 in New York by a German man.

The fragrance from these Promo Air Fresheners is released in a time-delayed infrastructure. The scent is way too strong if the plastic bag is completely removed from the tree. The instructions to use these Little Trees are printed on the rear of the plastic bag.

Over the years, technology and scientists have found a way to capture a wide variety of different scents for the Promo Air Fresheners. Almost any smell is available in an air freshener form today, such as popcorn, bacon, bubble gum or lemon. A popcorn smell will have a popcorn image on it usually.

For business owners who like variety in their Promo Air Fresheners, there are more types available than just the absorbent material. Pocket-sized sprays, vent clips, candles, wax and much more are available to choose from. Vent clips are popular because they stay out of the driver’s way when navigating the road. They were almost hidden in plain sight and very easy to install. When the air is coming through the vents, it also hits the fragrance and releases it throughout the entire car.

The Internet creates a nearly endless way for business or shop owners to buy their Promo Air Fresheners. Users can login to a variety of websites to place an order. Usually buying in bulk is a much better way to get what is needed. Some websites might offer 100 products with 3 different images on them for a good deal. Shopping around is a good idea because it allows the owner to get the best deal available.

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